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Is there something wrong with Reliance Jio network?
Manoj Gairola |  New Delhi |  17 Feb 2017

There is something drastically wrong with either Reliance Jio’s network or with TRAI’s method of measuring mobile data speed.

Reliance Jio’s mobile data download speed in January was 8.34 Mbps, as per TRAI report. It is a 54% fall compared to speed (18.146 Mbps) in December.

In December, Jio subscribers were using services under Jio Welcome Offer Plan that offered 4GB of high-speed Internet data and unlimited voice calls per day.

In January, Jio transferred all subscribers to a new offer – Happy New Year Offer – with a daily download limit of 1 GB per day.

While introducing new plan, Mukesh Ambani said, “…….. the other 20% of users consume disproportionately higher amounts of data, and we have observed that this disproportionate usage contributes significantly to the congestion that I mentioned earlier. In short, 20% of the users create a poor experience for the other 80%.”

The limit on free data usage was applied in January. This means that data usages per subscriber would have been would have been much less. Hence data download speed should have increased and not decreased.

The only reason for reduction in speed can be a drastic increase in number of subscribers. There were 7.2 crore subscribers in Jio network in December. If it adds 7 million subscribers in January, increase in subscriber base is only 10%. Let us assume that it added one crore subscribers in January, which is a very good number. This means that net addition in its subscriber base was 15%. This can’t nullify the impact of 20% subscribers with “disproportionately high usage” who have been restricted to 1GB from 4GB.

If Jio’s data download speed was 18.16 Mbps in December, there is no reason that it should be less in January. After all, we are talking about a network with an investment of Rs 1.5 lakh crore!

Is there something wrong with world’s costliest start up? Or TRAI’s method of measuring data download speed is wrong?

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17 Feb 2017(IST)  
I agree that there is some problem with Reliance network. I stay at Bulandshahar and I am not able to connect whenever I go to Bulandshahar. It works fine in my off in Delhi
Posted By :- Virendra Sharma
There is no need to criticize Reliance Jio. It has done wonders in Indian telecom market. It brought down prices. Its quality of services may be poor. But it will increase when it becomes a paid service.
Posted By :- Pankaj Sharma
I like Jio services. It is free. its speed is good. I have not felt any complaint regarding its services.
Posted By :- Rakhi Jaiswal
Reliance JIO has brcome bad to worse. Band 3 LTE is as good as not operational and band 40 signal does not travel at all. This is a data network where an SIP is used for LTE calling, the speeds need to be optimum for perfect calling. Even after 1GB capping per day, speeds did not increase to a usable range. JIO network is very patchy not recommended for a primary number.
Posted By :- Ketan patel
the problem is with the lack of understanding on author's part. Some basic assumptions missed: some earlier subscribers who didn't use bandwidth earlier might have started using now... Other users like fiber might be using more bandwidth which might have impact on the backhauling Uses might have started using bandwidth at a different timeslot than before (prime time vs non-prime time). We should stop encouraging authors who write without considering all assumptions for the sake of sensationalism TelecomTiger should increase their standards of publishing...
Posted By :- Jag
Dear Jag, Thanks for your comments. It is highly unlikely that the user behavior changed overnight. More than 57 million (80% of subscribers) subscribers can’t change their behavior suddenly. Similarly, it is not possible that a very large number of people change their time slot. We welcome comments as it increases healthy debate that is necessary for independent publication like TelecomTiger.
Posted By :- Editor
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