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Raj Kumar Dhoot is the new CEO of Datacom
TT Bureau |  |  17 Oct 2008

Raj Kumar Dhoot has done what no other promoter in telecom sector could do. Following Ravi Sharma’s departure from the company, he has taken over as its chief executive officer (CEO). Traditionally, in telecom sector the promoters including Sunil Mittal, Aditya Birla, Ratan Tata, Siva Sankaran, Mahendra Nahata, Rajiv Mehrotra, Rajiv Chandrashekhar did not assume role of executive head in their companies. All of them had professional CEOs.


Oct 16, 2008 was last day of Ravi Sharma in the office. Therefore, he served a notice period of only three days in the company. Not many CEOs in telecom sector have got this kind of opportunity of getting relieved within three days of submitting resignation letter.


Dhoot has officially taken over the position of CEO today. However, he was interfering in all the important decisions. In Fact, he said that only he would be involved in purchase pf equipment. When the company was negotiating with the vendors for buying equipment, the vendors were surprised to see the promoters in the negotiation table right from the beginning. What was more surprising to them was that the then CEO Ravi Sharma was not present in the meetings. Mahendra Nahata, who owns 36% equity in the company and is considered as telecom Guru, was not even informed of any important decisions.


So Dhoot’s taking over is only a ceremonial decision and will not have any major impact in the functioning of the company, which was first to get licence, appoint a CEO and a CTO and to create a good team, thanks to Mahendra Nahata and Ravi Sharma. However, it has lost all these advantages in last couple of months.

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17 Oct 2008(IST)  
Now God only save Datacom. Datacom does not need competetion.
Posted By :- sanjay
Dhoot brothers lost a good prefessional, the companies image and not to mention the faith of its stakeholders. Now they should concentrate to sell television and washing machines.....etc.
Posted By :- Videocon
Dhoot and CEO.What a joke! Ha..ha...ha...ha...ha
Posted By :- arun
Raj Kumar Dhoot may not be a telecom professiona, but is a very good MD. He never wanted Ravi Sharma to leave. When Ravi Sharma decided to leave, Dhoot had no choice to take charge of CEO especially when he could not have invited Nahata as there is a fight going on between the two.
Posted By :- sunil
Dhoot is a gentle soul otherwise he would not have cried at the time of Ravi Sharma's departure. Also Dhoot had come down to see Ravi Sharma off and opened the car door for Ravi Sharma. When Ravi asked him not to do so Dhoot said that he was doing it out of respect. What a gesture !
Posted By :- rajiv
I think it would have been much better, if Dhoot as MD of the company had invited the other promotor Nahata to assume the role of CEO, following Ravi Sharma's departure.
Posted By :- pradeep
Nahata, who is also 36% equity holder in Datacom should have taken charge of CEO after Ravi Sharma. Nahata is a known telecom businessman. Choice of Dhoot as CEO is not good for Datacom's future at all.
Posted By :- rajesh
So what if Dhoot does not know anything about telecom, he is a good learner and he would learn telecom. Also he has lot of money to do anything. He is a good man manager. He calls every one in the company as his Bhai (brother).
Posted By :- ankur
Dhoot is not form telecom this is the major concern towards the datacom,its not a time to learn what is telecom for Dhoot,Its time to statup the company but this thing required a telecom professional expeience.Dhoot had done the right job,nobody want see his company to fallen down,but it does'nt mean that you can give this kind of position ot anyone,who dont know how to drive this.
Posted By :- Sanjeev Singh
NOW DATACOM is ruled by IMIL old chaps who are mere killers in site acquisition as i was personally tourchered and abused by them god save datacom, exit of old IMIL guys will bring back datacom in good track
Posted By :- Shabeer
With news coming in, it seems that there are good chances of settlement between Nahatas and Dhoots. It is also heard that Punjab operations of HFCL Infotel is likely to be merged with Datacom. HFCL Infotel is UASL operator in Punjab but they have more than 8 years of experience in operating telecom services. Though there has been exit of executvies in lower and middle management level but there are some good senior management persons available with HFCL Infotel who will prove handy in rolling out the services. I have interfaced with few of them and found them to be quite hard working and silent managers who helped HFCL Infotel to survive despite being single circle operator. I feel that they have the vision to get the schedule of Datacom on track.
Posted By :- deepu
Dhoot as a CEO Not good for employees because he only belive chamche people and treat others use less and give then 8 to 10% increment chamche given handsom increment this is the bogas policy and in real chamche are doing loot in company (ANDHER NAGARI CHOWKAT RAJA) Rajkumar dhoot aadinath
Posted By :- aadiyash
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