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People want better speed at lower costs
New Delhi |  |  21 Jul 2011

People want better speed at lower costs

Data requirement in 2G has doubled. The user does not care who the carrier is, whether it is 2G 3G or LTE. He just wants the best data that is available to him.

Sandeep Girotra head of India Sub Region
Nokia Siemens Networks

Everything boils down to APRU’s and given the Indian mindset for the value, I think this is the biggest challenge we have. We are very creative when it comes to cost reduction and there is plenty of competence available in the system. The key thing is how to bring the revenue up.

It is better to look at the micro economic picture. As a country we are getting younger and the youngsters are using data in a big way. This is going to happen to the 60 percent of the people who are below 30 years of age. This is also a big opportunity and a big challenge. There is also allusion to the fact that nobody cares for the technologies; 2G, 3G, LTE or what might come beyond that.

Data requirement in 2G has doubled. The user does not care what is the carrier, whether it is 2G 3G or LTE. He just wants the best data that is available to him. If there are better vibes available he will consume more. The key point that emerges is the experience and the new options that open up to our consumers. Telemedicine has begun to get very big. Imagine one is sitting here and the doctor somewhere else in the world  and he getting 3D picture of yours on some king of high definition device and which is happening via network which is LTE or something else.

TD-LTD can bring it close to reality and there is nice eco system which is building around the world on TD-LTE front. 2.3 MHz is good for urban, semi urban, dense urban and those kind of environment.

There is plenty of discussion where the data growth will come from and when we look at the some of the surveys that we did it is very predictable where it is going to come from. When we looked at the developing nations, it turns out that email is the prime application that people want to do on mobile, fixed or both. Same is the case with the social networking. This is another example of the speed with which the change is coming upon us.

In the fixed broadband space in Sweden we had about 15 GB of data going though per subscriber in a month and when new king of devices and ecosystem started to develop the mobile traffic via LTE will start to touch the same kind of number very soon.   We have several million DSL users in the country so there is an understanding what kind of scale we are going to talk about very soon when LTE is available in different geographies in India.

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21 Jul 2011(IST)  
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