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Allparts Automotive deploys Talari’s adaptive private networking software appliances
TT Correspondent |  |  01 Aug 2012

Talari Networks, Inc., a leading innovator in WAN reliability and performance quality network appliances, on Tuesday said that Allparts Automotive has deployed its adaptive private networking (APN) software appliances to cost effectively increase reliability of Allparts’ Wide Area Network (WAN) and eliminate downtime.


By using Talari, the UK’s leading auto parts distributor has increased its networking bandwidth by 4X and ultimately expects to reach 50 percent in ongoing savings to network expenses. 


Talari’s solution aggregates two or more network connections (e.g., DSL, cable, fiber and Ethernet over copper, etc.) into a single logical network, continuously monitoring the performance of every network path between Allparts’ nine branch offices and its headquarters in High Wycombe, UK. Measurements of loss, latency and jitter are used to detect and respond sub-second to congestion, allowing the solution to make real-time traffic engineering decisions on a packet by packet basis.


Prior to Talari, Allparts relied on a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network with a single asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL)-based tail circuit connecting each remote site, plus an Internet virtual private network (VPN) for failover backup. Failover from the ADSL circuits to the VPNs was managed through border gateway protocol (BGP), which polled links every five minutes. This meant that branches could be without network access for up to five minutes before the backup circuit was activated. In general, the ADSL links provided inadequate bandwidth as well, creating network bottlenecks between branches and the head office. 

“Our customers expect deliveries within the hour of a phone call,” says Nick Fulford, IT manager at Allparts. “Five minutes of network downtime was a real problem.” Allparts worked with solution provider Agenda IT to design a WAN that beefed up bandwidth without adding cost.


“Talari was the only solution that resolved all the issues that Allparts had: need to reduce costs, increase bandwidth, increase network resilience, better QoS and ease of management,” explains Mike Adams, Agenda IT Technical Director. “Talari allows Allparts to be carrier-independent, thereby giving them the flexibility to change carriers as the market develops. Allparts now owns the intelligence within their network, which means they can control and alter the network as their business develops. This also means the network will be as good for their business in five years as it is today, no matter how their business develops.”


As a result of installing Talari Mercury T3000 appliances at headquarters and one remote office, and a Mercury T200/T510 at each of the branches, Allparts replaced the unreliable MPLS network and low-bandwidth ADSL tail circuits with higher-speed DSL lines, two at smaller sites and three at larger locations.


“We’ve got about four times the bandwidth with APN,” says Fulford. “After we began using the Talari appliances, our £50,000 (USD$77,000) annual network costs dropped immediately to £40,000 (USD$61,000). And over five years, we calculate a savings of £80,000 (USD$123,000) with Talari.”