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Online Facts: 58% of Indian tweens use risky or low level security passwords
TT Correspondent |  |  28 Nov 2013

With more and more Indian tween are entering into online or internet world, the risks associated with the trend are also showing up.

According to a study a disturbing trend on the rise among Indian tweens is their apathy towards their own online safety. 

The survey by cybersecurity major McAffee said that 58% of the surveyed Indian tweens use risky or low level security passwords online. 41% of the tweens surveyed share information about themselves over FB
It is not uncommon for tweens to be exposed to online nastiness; however, a good thing is that they are not passive observers.
It further says that 12 year olds are more likely to have seen nasty comments online than 8 year olds (33% vs. 16%) and 1 in 4 (27%) of online tweens has seen as nasty common directed at them or a friend online, While 21% did nothing , most of the tweens who have witnessed online cruelty either told a friend (49%), told parent (46%), told teacher (20%), told family member(20%) or  someone else or looked onto internet for help rather than doing nothing
They are becoming more trusting of the virtual world to familiarise themselves with unknown people, in spite of being aware that it is risky.

The study further reveals that  36% of online tweens have spoken to someone online that they didn’t previously know and 12 year olds are more likely to chat with strangers than 8 year olds (40% vs. 25%).

McAfee’s Tween & Technology Report 2013 was conducted through a survey administered across Indian online tweens aged 8-12 years old comprising 572 male and 428 female respondents from Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Delhi.

It says that 89% of online tweens (8-12 years) in India have parental permission to use Social networking site Facebook.

The survey by cyber security major McAffee revealed that 89% of online tweens are also friends with their parents on FB and 70% of online tweens say their parents showed them how to use Facebook.

"With Facebook, a significant number of parents are handholding their kids on the platform by assisting them in setting up their account and monitoring their activities. But parents apply internet rules in terms usage and timings very strictly, much to the dislike of tweens” it said.

It also said that 57% say that were helped by their parents when setting up one of their account. 89% of tweens using Facebook have their parents’ permission to use while 87% of parents place limits on online usage.

The survey further said that 53% of parents remove online devices from tweens bedrooms at night while  49% of online tweens are frustrated by these rules.

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28 Nov 2013(IST)  
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