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Spotle.ai, India’s first AI-powered talent network, secures funds from Australian investor again
TT Correspondent |  |  30 Jun 2018

Spotle.ai is here to disrupt the talent-opportunity market for the millennials and gen-Z with its AI (artificial intelligence) powered, real-time talent network. Spotle.ai – The AI powered talent network previously known as Frapperz, matches right talents with the most relevant opportunities and employers, in real-time.

The company has secured further investment at a 5x higher valuation than its previous valuation. Spotle.ai wants to continue to disrupt this space with more innovations and is preparing to file for a number of patents. The angel funding round had seen participation by multiple investors led by an Australia based healthcare entrepreneur and startup investor Shiva Gunapu.

“Every time I speak with Jyotirmay and Rimjhim I am amazed by their energy, confidence and willingness to face any situation. They have a clear vision. They know what they are doing. And they can show you the future in front of your eyes. They are going to go a long way.” - Dr Shiva Gunapu

Spotle.ai uses machine learning, NLP, predictive modelling and analyses a professional’s moving career graph and aspirations. It then matches professionals and opportunities contextually, quickly and accurately. Built over its robust AI algorithms, Spotle.ai automatically matches a professional with the top employers and right opportunities. The smart interface lets users simply right swipe on the professionals or opportunities that they are interested in.

For employers on the other hand Spotle.ai algorithm gives an intuitive way to spot candidates in line with their hiring goals and drastically simplifies the hiring process. The platform reduces the candidate short-listing time to zero by using AI. It shortlists professionals based on their relevance for a job and their career aspiration. Spotle.ai uses smart, tagged contacts helping in rediscovery of the right candidates in no time. In app, chat enables consolidation of all communications in one place.

With over 200,000 reach the platform Spotle.ai has been growing steadily since its launch earlier in 2018. The network is very serious about maintaining high data quality of the users. The philosophy of the company is to enable talents get matched with the most relevant opportunities; on the other hand to enable employers spot the right talent accurately and quickly.

Spotle.ai is conceived by the husband-wife duo, Jyotirmay Kanthal and Rimjhim Ray, who let go of their well-settled, comfortable lives in the UK and turned entrepreneurs with a dream. Rimjhim dropped out of her MBA at Imperial College London and Jyotirmay is an alumnus of Jadavpur University, Computer Science. Along with them, the core team is formed by Sk Mamtajuddin, whose technology solutions company was acquired by Spotle.ai and Mousum Dutta, an IIT KGP alumnus and an experienced data scientist. The strength of Spotle.ai lies in the individual and complementary skills of the core team.

Jyotirmay, who leads strategy and growth, is optimistic about the future of technology. Commenting about the rebranding and the future of the company, he says, “the vision of the company is to become a ‘developed in India, respected in the world’ company that most effectively enables the career aspirations of the millennial andgen-Z population. As we have sharpened our focus, we also wanted to give our brand a sharper makeover. Spotle.ai, is more relatable and easy to remember. We aim to make Spotle.ai the natural choice for the millennials and the Gen-Zs, whenever there’s a need for meeting their career aspirations.”

Rimjhim who leads product and marketing thinks that “the ambitious next-gen deserves a career platform that like them is agile, mobile and dynamic. Traditional ways of networking or job search do not work for a population that juggles careers, changes cities, shifts goals. So we built a contextual, real-time platform that adapts to their ambitions and intuitively matches them with opportunities they deserve”

Previously known as Frapperz, the company went for a rebranding in mid of June 2018 and changed the name to Spotle.ai. This, the company believes, would make the brand more relevant, relatable and easy to remember for users. As the company says, Spotle.ai is the place that helps your talents get spotted.

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30 Jun 2018(IST)  
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