Dialogic launches software solution to measure and track mobile video quality
The VisionVideo Software Solution enables companies that deliver mobile video to understand the QoE being received by viewers, opening monetization opportunities

Dialogic Inc. a leading provider of communications technologies that power advanced networks, on Wednesday launched its software solution to measure and track the perceptual quality of mobile video.


The Dialogic VisionVideo Software Solution enables companies that deliver mobile video services to determine the perceptual quality of experience (QoE) being received by viewers. By understanding the perceptual quality of the viewer, companies can position themselves to improve viewer experience, and ultimately open opportunities to monetize mobile video services.


The VisionVideo Software Solution is utilized by companies that create and deliver mobile video – including broadcasters, advertisers, content aggregators, and network operators – and who disadvantageously lack information about their customers’ actual video quality experience due to current solutions that focus on analyzing network conditions.


VisionVideo is being launched with one of the premier streaming media companies in the world – MobiTV.  “MobiTV has long been a believer in seamlessly delivering an overall high quality of experience while maintaining network efficiency,” said MobiTV, Inc. CTO Kay Johansson.  “We believe Dialogic’s VisionVideo Software will be a valuable solution to achieve this goal.”


“In order for companies that deliver mobile video to capitalize on this opportunity, adding new customers and retaining current ones, they must first understand the quality of experience. Dialogic is addressing this issue head on, giving companies the right information they need to create a positive viewing experience. This translates to strong customer retention and an increased bottom line”, said Susan Welsh de Grimaldo of Strategy Analytics.

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